AcaDames Podcast

AcaDames Podcast

“This is AcaDames, a podcast about women in academia living the dream… or are we?” 

While the co-hosts of AcaDames Podcast may not always feel like they’re living the dream, my work as the executive producer of this emerging podcast was indeed a dream job. I joined this project a few weeks before their official launch, and for 18 months, I helped to bring the show from concept to reality. During my time at AcaDames, I produced 40 episodes with over 30,000 downloads. 

The AcaDames team was small, meaning that as executive producer, I wore many hats. I worked closely with our co-hosts and creative director to decide which guests would appear over the course of a season, and ensured that remote recording set-ups would result in quality audio recordings. After an episode was recorded, I listened to all tracks and prepared the files for edits by a remote audio engineer. After the audio engineer completed his cuts, I listened to the final cut to make sure all audio levels were clean and all cuts were made. I wrote show notes, social media posts and a full transcript for each episode, and was responsible for uploading the final show to our RSS feed. I also carefully studied our podcast analytics and suggested ways to increase our listenership. 

Digitally, I was in charge of creating and posting content to the podcast’s social media feeds. When the show launched in January 2019, our Twitter following hovered at 100 followers. Through curated content, live Twitter chats, and social media campaigns surrounding show milestones, I grew our presence to over 2,000 followers. 

Administratively, I was the first point of contact for anyone wanting to get in touch with our team. I ran our email account, responded to listener feedback, and scheduled weekly team meetings. I also managed the podcast’s budget and coordinated with freelance and student audio editors.

As the podcast grew, the team decided to formally incorporate into an LLC. I took the lead on researching business plans, drafting a partnership agreement between the two co-hosts and our creative director, filing with the state of North Carolina for our EIN and submitting paperwork to finalize our Articles of Incorporation. I also designed and launched a Patreon page to bring additional revenue to the show through listener sponsorship, and helped to apply for grants to keep the podcast funded. 

AcaDames Podcast

  • ROLE: Executive Producer
  • DATES WORKED: January 2019 — May 2020
  • FAST FACTS: Grew the podcast's social media presence from 100 followers to 2,000+
  • SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Audition, Patreon, Hootsuite, Fiverr, AirTable, Slack, Squarespace, Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts. TEMI Transcripts,
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